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Bank Details
Account Name: Animal Lifeline NPC
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 628 1397 7983
Branch: Tokai    

Branch Code: 200409


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Your generosity saves lives.  Donate today to give hope.  Each donation gives a second chance at life for lost, neglected and abandoned animals.  The heartbreaking reality is that we see far too many of these cases daily. Without donations from animal lovers like you, we are limited as to the ways in which we can help.   

Your donation, no matter the amount, goes straight to uplifting animals.  We, personally, subsidise our rescue activities, Animal Lifeline directors cover 100% of our fuel and admin costs.  We volunteer our time which means we don’t get paid salaries nor are we reimbursed for our related-expenses. We work day jobs to support our passion for animals.  We serve animals with joy and hope, bringing dignity to the voiceless.  We love what we do. 

Thank you for donating and empowering us to do what we love ! 

Animal Lifeline is a registered non-profit company (NPC) and a Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A status (which means we are tax exempt)  Every cent you donate goes directly to impacting animals positively, giving hope and relief.