Carynne Hooper

(Public Officer, Spokesperson and Managing and Operations Director)  

Carynne's lifelong affinity with animals and her compelling aversion to their suffering dictates her belief that all animal lives matter.  Portfolio Director - Animal Rights and Animal Welfare for The Cape Party and initiator of as well as administrator on several lost animal groups on Facebook, Carynne, spends all her spare time networking lost, found and homeless animals.  She  is also no stranger to physical, up close and personal animal rescue.  Previously she has acted as a long and short-term foster host for animal rescue organisations.
In addition to being a qualified social worker, Carynne has experience in the functional areas of training and assessment, social entrepreneurism and project management and has worked in a variety of corporate and non-profit settings.   With a marked proclivity for strategic effort, transparency and measurement, Carynne, is currently working in the field of monitoring and evaluation.  
Just before the first rays of light each morning, Carynne can be seen walking her muse, Juicy Cat while mentally urging ideas and cajoling resolutions to needy animal conundrums, always fathoming new, more effective ways to intervene and make an impact. 
A self-confessed 'unreasonable woman', Carynne's heightened sensitivity to the plight and unwavering regard for the rights of the voiceless, designate her an essential Animal Lifeline Partner (PAL) 

Our Team

Executive Board 

Nicky Hallett 

(Marketing Director and Brand Ambassador)

A vegan, Nicky shares her life with a veritable animal menagerie and has a background as a qualified puppy trainer, animal nutritional adviser and veterinary assistant.  There is no doubt about Nicky's passion for animals nor her commitment to Mother Earth.  
Nicky is an entrepreneur who has initiated and currently runs a variety of successful businesses including an online shop (Prime Naturals), a virtual assistant agency (Prime Assist) and a graphic design and marketing agency (Prime Ads).  In addition, Nicky recently became a partner in an online organics directory and product review consultancy (Shop Organic) where she is currently driving change to refresh the business model. 
Communing with nature is Nicky's happy place ... Early each morning she can be found in the forest or fynbos finding catharsis amidst nightjars calling and the occasional owl hooting and the odd encounter with a porcupine and occasional baboon.
Nicky's dogged persistence and unwavering independence coupled with her passion for all creatures great and small make her an ideal Animal Lifeline Partner (PAL)

William Taylor 

(Non-Executive Director)

William is the Operations Director for a health technology company and has extensive experience managing development and support teams.  His former strategic role entailed impacting HIV at a grass-roots level through technological intervention.  Previously William was IT Manager for an international company.

William has a strong value-base and is committed to the betterment of humanity on all levels.  His skills extend far beyond the technical, incorporating coaching and mentoring of both teams and individuals.

A family man, William has two grown ‘boys’ who, like their parents, are excelling in life, thanks, in no small measure, to their Mom, Janine and their Dad.  
William spends his limited recreation time playing soccer for a local Fish Hoek team or going fishing with his boys. Oscar, their Great Dane completes this happy family picture. If you manage to catch this busy man for a chinwag he will quickly reveal that he is an avid Liverpool supporter.

William’s professional skill-set, experience and business savvy and humanitarian nature coupled with his love of animals and desire to make a difference render him an excellent Animal Lifeline Partner (PAL).


Carole Alen 

(Team Lead : Online Animal Networking) 

Not only does Carole share her life with rescued animals (she currently has five cats and two dogs - all rescues) but she spends upwards of 10 hours each day online networking feverishly and fervently in an unrelenting quest for positive outcomes to tragic accounts of lost, found and homeless animals.  Unremittingly Carole forces herself to override her distaste and overcome the immense sadness she experiences at the cruelty she is constantly exposed to in the posts she shares and animals she networks.  Ever modest and reluctant to accept praise, Carole will tell you simply that she does it ‘for the animals’ 
Now retired, Carole is no stranger to hard work and long hours (although previously she received financial compensation for her graft, intelligence and determination) Her background is in corporate services and administration by day while seeing to the needs of a busy family after hours and still finding time for the voiceless.  Carole’s high pressured career came to a close with her final ‘for gain’ gig, running an automotive business together with her husband, Terry.  
Ever vigilant, highly tolerant and always lovely, Carole self-motivates her early start to each day (and we are talking 7 days a week here)’s animal rescue activities with no thought of personal gain … this makes Carole the ultimate PAL (Animal Lifeline Partner) 


Morag Wade Mackay 

(Team Lead : Liaison, Good Cop and Kollie Campaign) 

Morag overcomes more challenges in a day than many are faced with in a life-time.  Having lost an arm and the use of her legs (and thereafter regaining their use to some degree) in a motorbike accident at the tender age of seventeen, her life has not been dull.  
Morag lost her husband and shortly thereafter nurtured her mother through dementia, remarried the most astonishingly kind man, penned two books ‘Faces and Footsteps’ and ‘The Will and The Way’ (the latter is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Take-a-Lot and Loot).  Currently medically boarded from her role in Regulatory Compliance in the financial sector after becoming chronically ill (and again losing the use of her legs) four years ago. 

The most positive yet empathetic being one could ever wish to meet, Morag is quick to quip - ‘The right attitude and one arm will beat the wrong attitude and two arms every time’.  

Morag together with husband, Dennis, share their home with rescue pups, Jake and Otis and several glorious felines.  Morag’s dogged determination and persistence combined with her humour, patience and verve for life make for a winning formula.  Add her love of animals and deep concern for their well-being and you know beyond a doubt that Morag Wade Mackay is an extraordinary PAL (Animal Lifeline Partner)  


Volunteers : Outcome Impact Team


It’s important to note that our volunteers are free agents and, while they assist us in our efforts and endeavours to positively impact the cause of companion animals, they regularly assist the general online-networking community, as we are all working towards one goal - the good of our animals.